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March 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Where to start? There's just too much information to talk about that it's best to let the people at to give an introduction of their site:

″So our vision is simple: Your dreams, our tools. With cutting edge design and software, we see Trig as a new community for anyone who ever had a dream, and all the people who go their own way. We want to give you the platform you need, whether you want to be a fashion designer, musician or maybe just looking for new friends and sharing your thoughts with the world, the platform will adapt to you, not the other way around. Originality, Democracy, Revolution. It's all about you.”

And indeed, everything so far about Trig is just great. If you thought that social networking websites has just been repeating and cloning each other creating nothing unremarkable, then Trig will jolt you back to the realization that as long as creativity exists, innovations will continue flourish. has just launched the site this February after staying in private beta for some time. The slick design is very inviting plus the other features can make users hooked. Members have the option to customize their profiles by choosing from the twelve designs of skins. Other profile options include creating a write-up as a biography, include a friends list, make own blog, show comments and have a personal photo gallery.

The website also has ″Trig,” a scheme of classification that somewhat resembles tags. You can ″trig” blog, gallery, or comments. It is like saying you like what you see or what you read. ″Trigs” can also be used to look for contents that you are interested in. Whenever, you want to ″trig” for contents, the resulting search will be displayed in the people content browser.

I'm seeing considerable growth in the next few months alone. But, even so, even with the slick design and the cool features, the site still will not be able to stir up most people in MySpace to move. MySpace caters to different genre. is more likely to invite people who are free living individuals, creative, artistic, not afraid of self expression and not scared of going all-out.