DropBoks.com, beyond simplicity

March 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

The other day i was raving about the simplicity of YouBackItUp, thinking that no other file storage web app can be more basic yet be that functional. But, when I saw DropBoks.com , I was ready to eat my words and own up to my mistake. However, upon closer examination it seems DropBoks is not as good as YouBackItUp.

When it comes to simplicity, DropBoks wins over YouBackItUp or for that matter any other related site that I've seen so far. The reason is advertisement, or in this case the absence of it. Immediately noticeable when you go to DropBoks is the super clean home page. All your attention is brought to the center of the page where the little web app is located. Beneath the box, DropBoks gave the following statement: ″We hate ads too! That's why our service is supported by our user's donations, not ads.”

Despite its simplicity, DropBoks is useful and secure. The site allows users up to 1GB of storage space and files can be uploaded and downloaded anytime as long as it's not more than 50MB in size. You can upload/download either Mp3’s, office document files, BMP, JPG and other image files as well other formats. However, the site has some major limitations. One would be the maximum size of files that can be uploaded. I find 50MB too small. Even YouBackItUp already allows uploads and downloads of files of up to 200MB at a time. In a congested market of file storage and sharing, DropBoks might not be able to compete head on. Moreover, the web app is totally free and without advertising people are worried on how DropBoks will come up with the money to implement possible expansion and further developments. Also, I personally miss the drag and drop Java interface of YouBackItUp.

All you need is a valid email account to register and use the services of DropBoks. You will be given immediate access thus you already upload files after registration, there's no email confirmation or verification. It will be interesting on how fast the site will evolve and how far they can go with donations alone.