Gimme20, social fitness

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Working about and staining in shape si always a challenge that keeps many businesses alive. Online or offline, obesity and being out of shape is for many people a hurdle that they just cann'ot overcome alone. that's exactly why there are social networks and communities designed for the sole purpose of fitness. is a health and fitness community that provides collabrative tools and support for achieving a healthy body and mind.

Members on Gimme20 get access to a lot of workout routines provided by other users and experts alike. These routines are found under 'Find a Workout' tab where workouts are listed and rated like items on digg. Of course these workouts are also classified by tags so searching and filtering through the entire list is a breeze. Aside from rating a certain workout, users may also track every workout. Tracking a work out is like subscribing to a feed, reminders will be sent to the user's account regarding his workout schedule for that certain routine as well as his progress history. Of course the tracking must work both ways, the history and progress monitors require an input from the user.

Aside from browsing and using available workouts on the site, users can also submit their own workout routine for others to subscribe to under the 'Build a Workout' tab.

Under the 'Community' tab, there's where people share their routines and progress with each other. There is a log of new work outs as well as a forum and a local activity board. The forum is of course a free for all discussion place where questions and opinions and facts about fitness can be raised and settled. The local activity board or Regional Activity section is where local activities in the user's city can be found, something like an event finder.

Lastly there is the 'Groups' tab where there are preset fitness groups like bodybuilding, biking, signupforlife, model fitness, and any other group however specific. Users can also start their own group and opt to make it private or public.

All in all, Gimme20 provides the tools to help people help themselves and other to be fit. There are no guarantees that using the site will chisel one's body or make the next supermodel. It is still with religious diligence and dedication that the Gimme20 or whatever fitness program will work.