PlayLocal, find your game

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Hailing from the United Kingdom there's PlayLocal, a social networking site for sports and fitness – set-up your own groups and join others.

This network is still about fitness and sports activities in the UK. The idea is to set up a repository of clubs, leagues, public groups, sports centres, and university based groups. These groups then become the social blood of the network. Users of the site will be able to search for activities of their interest and find groups to possibly join. For example, I'm looking for a snowboarding group in Essex. The search function of PlayLocal will ask for these filters and return registered snowboarding groups in the vicinity of Essex (if there are any). The search can also be filtered down to which type of group and a specific zip code. From there I can join or contact the group for more information and join them on their next activity which hopefully they will post in the events tab.

Since this is a fitness social network, most of the activity is offline and the whole point is to set up an event, invite people and play the sport they all love. Events are again searchable by the activity types. Results are viewable by month, week, day, list, and table.

As a social network, users are allowed to add buddies and join groups. Adding buddies in PlayLocal work like any other social network. Buddies are mostly used a contact persons for groups, so when setting up activities there's more than a database telling everybody where and when to go to.

So far, PlayLocal seems to be empty, and a quick check on Alexa shows that it was active from November 2006 – January 2007. After that it flat lined which is a pity because the idea of PlayLocal is actually potentially very useful especially for people trying to promote a certain activity in some place. Nevertheless, there are some minor defects in the UI and functionality of PlayLocal which ultimatley affected its stickyness to users.