RunFatBoy, everyday workouts

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The problem with working out for many beginners is where to start. For a lot of physically unfit people, it's hard enough to overcome the lack of will power to even start working out then when they do get the will, they lose motivation again because they have no idea where to start.

“RunFatBoy is an easy to use workout system for beginners. No more intimidating images of women with ripped abs or men with bulging biceps. No more complicated medical jargon. Just a simple, easy to follow workout plan.” This is one review on Buzzshout which I agree with completely. True, those women with ripped abs are a eye candy but nevertheless very intimidating when you're trying out of the shape you're currently in. Run Fat Boy is a more practical, less technical way to start getting into shape. When signing up for a fitness program, a user's physical fitness status is not measured in calories or pounds but in real world capabilities like “How hard is it to climb up a flight of stairs?” From the user's answers, the program determines the corkout capacity and lays out a workout program tailor made for the user.

The workout program lists down the activities and the frequency at which the user must perform the activities. These activities are now the technical ones like crunches, curls, leg extensions. Though users should not worry because if the activity is unimagineable in text, there is a video demonstrating the exercise. Furthermore, if the activity is too difficult or too easy, the user can just choose (too easy or too difficult) so the application can adjust the exercise what suits the user perfectly.

The generated workout routines are not static. Ideally the routine gets harder as time passes but if the user is not progressing as planned, the too difficult button is always available. Moreover, for monitoring and motivational purposes, there is a journal where the user can keep track of his progress. Entries can be placed anytime much like a blog.

Finally, Run Fat Boy is not a free system. It costs $5 a month (though there is a 30-day free trial) payable through 2Checkout or PayPal. Come to think of it, five dollars is such a small price to pay for a 500 pound person to get into shape. See the demo here .