, is it worth it?

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Have you ever had a feeling that the Web 2.0 concept has been exploited to the brim? There are hundreds and even thousands of websites out there that have been created to fit Web 2.0 requirements but are mere empty shells, offering nothing but cloned features, foolish products and services, and rehashed ideas and concepts. Take for example , a website that I have come across recently.

Foolish Software, LLC is the one responsible for The company is actually a collaboration of two web software developers who have this strong belief in ″taking chances and simplifying the growing complexity of software development.” Personally, I think that some software developers are creating their own sets of ″complexities” from ideas and concepts that are quite simple in the first place.

Going back to, the website is actually a web app which claims to provide a fast and easy way to make seating charts or arrangements online. It is an in-browser software where seating plans or charts are created, previewed, and printed. Simpleseating is a neat and clean application which caters to the possible needs of even planners and even management companies. One of the supposed benefits of Simpleseating is that the hosts can save some money since they can they use the web app to come up with a seating plan instead of hiring a planner to do that for them.

I'm really thinking how big the market is for such an online app. I'm even thinking if the whole concept is really necessary. Did Foolish Software really thought this through or do they just create software applications that are utter foolishness? Do people really need a software that calculates or chart seating arrangements? If the answer to these questions is ″yes” then I have to sit back and see how Simpleseating grows and develops. However, if the answer to my questions is ″no” then there is nothing more to wait and if I'm Foolish Software, I start thinking of other applications that is worth my while.