, nothing that extraordinary

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The only thing that catches the browsers' attention of the new photo and video sharing website are the thumbnails. Other than that, appears to be your usual photo and video sharing website. But with Stukt, you do the browsing through thumbnails of photos, books, music, products and videos. That at least is something that I haven't seen before in a social networking site.

When you click on the thumbnail, the particular image is enlarged though a pop-up which contains links to user profiles, comments, and options to add to your favorites or forward to friends. And as added navigation support, Stukt also provided a search box where users can enter Tag searches which could increase their chance of finding the particular photo, video or book that they need.

The website describes itself as ″the first and only Live visual showcase.” It goes on in saying that ″Stukt provides a quick, classy, and stable service that enables simple sharing and publishing of visual content online. Since photo/video sharing is widely popular right now – Hundreds of thousands of great visual content are published every minute on the internet. So obviously searching for them from site to site can be very frustrating. Stukt brings all these amazingly awesome photos, videos, products and books in front of you Live.” Indeed, Stukt is a social network website. But It allows members to upload photo contributions in real-time and share them to the Stukt community. Personal photos, homemade videos and unique product contributions are encouraged in the site. As a social network, you can click on the various user names, take a look at their profiles, browse the list of their photo, video, music and other product contributions. Users can also post their comments which users can collectively view in their profile page.

With very tough competition in a crowded market, Stukt should be working very hard to capture even a fraction of that audience. Therefore, the website's developers continue to add innovating features. Recent addition to the site is the ability to create slideshow presentations from photos that you have uploaded to Stukt. The slideshow has the matching HTML code so users can embed them in various websites. Moreover, users can choose from three different sizes which gives you some additional options and some room with your imagination.