, the task manager

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Yet another to do list web app in a market that is so crowded that you dare to ask why developers continue to create such websites. One answer would be that everyone in this fast paced world is trying to find a strategy to make their lives simpler and more manageable. To do lists are there for the super busy, overzealous, and stressed individuals. It attempts to make it possible for such individuals to organize their schedules in a simple yet very useful way. is a little web app that allows users to create their own to do lists and manage them by following simple enough steps. The site uses a simple Ajax interface. Users can create projects which serves as their major categories in Todoist. Each project can contain the details or the specifics of your to do list. The site offers some degree of customizations with regards to data entries. Entries can be color coded to reflect priorities. They can be arranged via deadlines and they can be labeled easily if the project has been finished or not. Moreover, can also insert tabs to task items to create series of sub-lists.

One interesting feature is the date entry. Todoist has the ability to recognize natural date keywords which means you enter words like ″tomorrow” or ″next Thursday” and the web app will generate the exact date for you. The to do list is presented in a cascading format so that it could appear more dynamic plus it is easier to see the whole list this way. The site is able to arrange tasks by dates using target dates as the main reference so task can be arranged according to those that are already overdue, those which are due today or those which are due in the next three or seven days.

Probably unique to Todoist is the integration of a number of keyboard shortcuts which added to the functionality of the web app. Plus, you can use special syntax to your text. You can bold texts, italicize, underline or highlight them. You can also use the syntax to add links to your entries.

Nevertheless, the site could use some other features like options to share one's to do lists which can be handy in collaborations or for project management. But you can print your lists if you want a hard copy with you. All in all the web app can be very useful and can compete with the bigger ones that already have a loyal following.