Tuhee.com, craete your cards online

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The objective was to create a website that can elicit more creativity and imagination from the user. Tuhee.com is a relatively new website whose main function is to create a personalized greeting cards on-line. The idea was to impart as much personal touch as possible on a card that you plan to send out. This main feature and mission differentiates the website from other e-card making websites which work on pre-fabricated designs to create their own cards.

Tuhee has a fast AJAX interface which allows users to edit and design their own cards the easiest way possible. The ″drag and drop” concept is great. The website actually uses pre-designed templates, images, backgrounds, and borders. But images are separated from each other and are considered individual elements where you could apply independent editing. The task of combining these elements in order to create nice looking e-cards is already left to the user. Tuhee has provided all the materials needed, it's up to the user to create something worthwhile.

Images can be edited using simple web based controls. These controls include resizing, rotating and changing image anddthe colors. Text entries can also be changed into bold face, italics, underlined, and colors can be changed. The site is really fun and easy to use, actually not bad for a start-up.

Aside from the images and backgrounds, you can also get photos from your Flickr account. The site also has a good support for flicker photos using integration with Flickr.

Tuhee also does not require users to register or to have their emails validated. You can use the features of the site upon visiting the home page. Currently, the site is free. But the California based developer, Technizant LLC, is thinking of attaching a business plan to the site. Personally, I hope the site finds some good funding since I really like it to remain free.