Viva La Fitness

March 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Getting fit really needs a lot of motivation. This is what social networks provide, testimonials, encouragements, and inspiration. Viva La Fitness is a community where members help set and achieve each others fitness goals.

Motivation speeches and words of wisdom can always come from a book but that's limited to what a single author's perspective. In a social network, with thousands of members, there is bound to be at least a person who is going through or has gone through what a new user is going through. Moreover, with thousands of members and thousands of blogs, and private messaging, shy users can always find a confidante to discuss fitness issues that may concern him.

Viva La Fitness provides this feature and facility. On the site, thousands of members log their progress, their knowledge and wisdom about getting in shape, pictures, and thoughts. Members' profiles are viewable in the lounge along with their blogs. For more specific questions, there is a Q&A portion that works like a forum. Members can ask and answer as much as they want.

For expert opinions and news, there's always always the FIT News and the E-book available on the site. Fit news discusses developments in the fitness scene, so if there's a new work out or food supplement, esers can find them in the news easy since the news is categorized. The E-book on the other hand, is a book Louis Dorman, some fitness guru imparting wisdom from hisexperience. The E-book is aptly entitled “My Story”.

The last part of Viva La Fitness is the transformation contest. Like the title suggests, it's all about before and after. Members can join in by registering and submitting their requirements which includes a fee and a present picture. The contest goes on for three months and after that time, participants will send in their after pictures. The best transformation wins.

All in all, Viva La Fitness provides yet another set of tools for people who want to get fit. With the motivation and inspiration in the database of Viva La Fitness, all anybody needs to get fit is the determination and dedication. So sad, the web con only go so far.