Dabble.com, growing successful each day

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Dabble.com is a video aggregator, putting together the best or the top rated videos found in popular video sharing websites like YouTube and Google video. The website was created to help browsers save time looking for popular or specific videos online. So while others continue to spend longer time searching the Web, Dabble users are already spending time watching videos.

The site is one of those free ones so we have no problems there. Once you're in, you can use Dabble to collect and organize your media. Some of the features of the website include a My Media page where you can manage your video files, a contact media page where you can create a friends list and see their own video collection or sources. You can also set videos into a personalized playlists. You need to register and be a member though to be able to use these features. However, a guest can use the search service of the website.

In an interview last year, Dabble founder and current CEO Mary Hodder justified that there was a need for them to create Dabble since the whole video community in the Web has grown too much that discovering videos through conventional searches is no longer possible. According to Hodder, Dabble is able to discover meaningful video posts on the Web ″by providing a comprehensive solution where we give people the ability to search across hundreds of sources (eg. Youtube, Google video, Revver, Blip.tv, etc) and then give users the ability to bookmark that video in their own customizable video collection.”

With Dabble, you can bookmark videos instantly. You need to install the Dabble bookmarklet on your web browser first. If you're browsing the Web and came across a good video that you want to add to your personal collection, you can bookmark it by simple pressing the Dabble bookmarklet.

When you conduct a search in Dabble, you're searching through exiting playlists that other Dabble members have organized themselves. So it will seem that you have a database of videos on a wide range of subject matter. According to the website, there are about 8,361,445 videos that have been linked by members of Dabble. A bit of clarification at this point, Dabble is not directly hosts media of any sorts. The website only manages links and bookmarks of videos. The videos remain stored on the original website. For Dabble this is to their advantage since bandwidth costs can easily rocket to millions of dollars if they do hosts media.

All in all, the site is pretty easy to use. User interface is not bad but I think they could do better. Collection of videos is large with membership numbering more than 2,000 as of early this year. It is interesting to note that the website has been cited by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the 25 startups that will likely succeed in 2007. An interesting thing to watch out for.