, fun and dynamic

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am is a website that can definitely entertain visitors of all ages. Even if the format and content appears to be geared towards capturing the attention of kids, the site also caters to the more mature and older audience. But due to the fact that children often visits the site, Kerpoof guaranteed that all their contents are child-appropriate. Everything is so dynamic and so fun to use that I find myself engrossed in building my own kingdom when I reviewed the site.

Kerpoof uses Ajax technology to bring that fast, easy and fun user interface. Users pick a colorful scene from a list on the homepage. They then design the scene as they imagine it by simply dragging and dropping items, creatures, and buildings into the scene. Items on the scene can be moved and resized freely. The scenes are very dynamic. If you drop a moon onto the scene, the whole scene changes into night. If you drop an item on another in the scene, the object underneath moves like you really placed something heavy on it. Scenes vary, there are fantasy, nature, cityscape, space scenes among others. After you finished your artwork, you can save, print, and share your artwork.

Aside from its entertainment value, the website can be used as an effective teaching tool. Because you can print your artwork in the form of a coloring book page, parents and educators can use it as a means to teach children a variety of things, from colors to animals, from fairy tales to life stories and so on. When used the right way and since it is free, the website could become an indispensable tool for learning. The site's good quality pictures and the whole concept of interactivity inspires creativity among children users.

The site also features a simple sharing feature. Finished artworks can be posted and shared on the site. Users can also rate an artwork by giving them ″stars”. You need to be logged on, however, to vote. You will find on the home page, daily tips which are simple to follow instructions or techniques to use the site better and faster.

So far the sign-up is and features are free. Kerpoof, however, is not closing its doors to a totally free web service. They are coming up with a additional features which are really optional add-ons for which the site will have to charge small fees.