Sploder.com, flash games reinvented

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sploder.com is an impressive online game web application that allows browsers to create Flash based games and publish their games on the web. Created by Geoff Gaudreault, the same person responsible for Slideroll and Slideshow Creator, Sploder was launched in beta earlier this year.

Sploder is your typical Flash action game but more specifically it involves shooting the opponents, avoiding the obstacles, and recovering the crystals. A big difference from other Flash games, however, is the fact that Sploder has an online level editor which can be used to creating, saving and sharing games or new levels of a particular game. Creating a game is pretty easy. The Flash based game editor features a drag and drop interface. A user who wishes to create a game selects from a list of units and items, these include bombs, missiles, crystals, health boosts, etc, on the left panel of the game editor work space and drops the items on a wok. The playing field can also be changed and adjusted according to the desired shape. As game editor you can choose to arm your opponents with higher grade weapons and make the game more challenging by inserting obstacles, turrets and more enemies in the battle field.

Sploder, however, did not concentrate on game creation and editing alone but also attempted to integrate some Web 2.0 social networking elements to the website. It included a community where users can interact, share thoughts about the game. The community serves as a place where members and users of the site can basically socialize with each other. However, there's much to be desired with regards to the site's attempt on social networking. I personally don't find the Discussion's thread as inviting as it should be.

Bottomline, Sploder is a great site offering a unique Flash based game creator and editor. The site needs to work on social network elements if it desired to maintain a more active community. One major drawback is the fact that the website's target market are gamers who traditionally are not the talker or blogger type of community.