Steekr, secure online space

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Online storage is an old industry on the web but with it's amazing portability and huge storage space, it's luster and profitability has faded out yet. Usually, online storage sites have a free and premium service (though I have reviewed a couple of all free ones). Steekr is nothing different except for one thing.

Like other online storage sites, Steekr has a free and premium version of user accounts. The free version has 1GB of storage space while the paid versions range from 5GB at 29.99 Euros a year to 100GB at 99.00 Euros a year. Though there's that ominous comment on the free version that says, “free during beta test”. They may or may not charge after their beta but for now it's free.

Unlike other storage sites however, Steekr allows its users to listen and view to their uploaded media directly on the browser. This is not a unique offering but surely a rare one.

Though steekr does not bring anything new to the table, it does have a certain appeal that may entice users to sign up. They guarantee the security of the files and accounts as one of their strong points. Another strength they promise is their Windows and Macintosh upload clients which will allow users to directly upload or back-up from their desktops.

I can't make a clear judgement on the stickyness or success or fialure of Steekr since there are also many other online storage sites that seem to be in more danger of folding up than Steekr.