Stripgenerator, comic blog.

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Blogging has taken many forms since its original text only format. There's photoblogs, audioblogs (podcasts), and videoblogs. There is another medium though that's quite interesting. Comics strips have always amazed the world improvising video on paper. Though there is video, comics has never been replaced. Even in blogging, comic strips are still useful and entertaining.

Stripgenerator is a comic strip genetrator that allows users to create their own comic strips even if they have no idea how to draw. Unlike BubbleSnaps that lets user place text bubbles on existing pictures, Stripgenerator does not make its comics like that. It's more old school, everything's in black and white and there are no fancy drawings. It's all done by drag and drop and preset drawings. There are a couple dozen preset drawing to choose from which can be dragged and dropped in the comic strip. Preset drawings include characters, objects and balloons. At first glance preset drawings seem to limit the creativity of the users but a visit in the strip gallery and it's hard to find identical strips among thousands.

Comic strips are generated into images and are presented in the gallery in a Flash-based interface. Stripgenerator is actually more than just a drawing site but it is also a blog just like wordpress or blogger except that the entries are all comic strips.

Though Stripgenerator is not the only site that allows users to create comics with preset drawings, it is the only one that uses comic strips as the main blog entries. All in all, I think the site is a great concept and the execution is flawless. The marketing side is their problem which is also why I never heard of them before. Nevertheless, I'll be coming back (drawing was always my frustration so I'd rather use presets and feel great about it!).