ViSoPic, easy ads

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ads are the oldest form of advertising starting from the verbal ads, then the print ads, the TV ads, the radio ads and finally the internet ads. Ebay and Craigslist are the top user-generated ads posting sites on the web and a lot of times ads on these sites are bland. This lack of flavor is due to the hard interface and the coding involved to embed pictures, sound, and video seamlessly.

ViSoPic is a web application designed generate an HTML code and a permalink for an ad. For example I'm selling something on craigslist. I know that craigslist discards ads in a couple of days or weeks. So I can make my ad in ViSoPic (the result looks just like an ad made in craigslist or eBay), host it there and embed the ad in craigslist and eBay and edgeio and BuyAndSell, and email all my contacts a permalink to my ad.

Creating an ad in ViSoPic is very straightforward. There are fields to fill up, sounds , pictures and videos to upload, descriptions, titles and prices to provide. After all those have been entered, the ad can be previewed and published. The ad preview is of course the actual ad as it will appear in a browser. The generated ad is an HTML code and a permalink so embedding the ad in blogs or classifieds will be as simple as copy and paste.

There are no sign up accounts on ViSoPic. Ads when generated also come with a second permalink used to edit the ad anytime the need may arise. This however is a potential problem. The lack of personal accounts on ViSoPic, makes it hard to collate ads or find them

Generally, ViSoPic only makes it easier to build a better listing for an item on Craigslist or eBay.