, video sharing for the dogs

March 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

We have seen video sharing websites becoming more and more market oriented, targeting and focusing their attention and effort on specific audiences. But I've never realized how specific the industry has become until I saw , a video sharing website fully dedicated to dogs. Yup, dogs. If you'rea a dog lover learning of such a website might have made you quite excited.

The website basically allows users to post videos and photos. Dog owners can join their video contributions in contests being held regularly. They can upload video clips in various "Dog"egories namely Best Look, Best Trick, Best Fetch, Best Bark, Waggiest Tail, Best Tickle Spot, Owner Look-A-Like, and Best Dressed. There's even a wild card category.

Aside from photo and video clip contributions, members can vote for the top pick in each category. The traditional ″stars” is not used here. Members give their best picked videos with bones. The dog with the highest number of bones collected is given the honor of being the top dog of that category. As members, you can create your pet's own profile in WorldWideFido. It is time to be creative. Your pets can have ″pet pals” and establish their own social network. Users can post their comments on the video and share it with friends. Embedding the videos, however, is not yet available.

And also, other than the the rather unique concept, creating a YouTube clone exclusive for dogs, there's nothing extraordinary with the site. The flash players used to play video clips pretty much resembles in size and function as that of YouTube. The online community is still weak, probably because the video hosting is still new. The site could find some use with tags, maybe not at present but in the future since tagging can result to better and faster searches and site navigation.

The great thing about the website is the clear market theme. The objectives are clear which will help them in developing new strategies, site features and options.