Kaneva, wild virtual world

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Social Networks have always gone leap and bounds to improve users' experiences on their sites. The first bound from the basic profile sharing was the inclusion of photos then the bound went on to music then videos. Now, most social networks are just taking tiny steps with their addition of various interative media features like slide shows, embedded flash applications, etc.

Kaneva on the other hand made a giant leap and a monstrous bound from the start by creating a 3D virtual world to go with their social network and communities.

Basically, Kaneva to start with is another social network much like MySpace and Friendster. Users sign up to become members and first be active in the 2D world. This is the stepping stone into the 3D world. Before any member can join in the 3D space, they have to get invited first and that's done only by making a lot of noise in the 2D world. Only the worthy enter the virtual world. Being active is one thing. Making noise is part of it and thar's done by inviting as many people as possible, commenting on as many profiles as possible and joining as many communities as possible. The problem with this is that a lot of people want to get into the 3D world so a lot of people create too much spam. I signed up for an account with Kaneva and in less than an hour I had 15 people commenting on my empty profile and I haven't invited my friends to join in yet.

The 2D world is nothing unusual. Sure, the interface looks different and everything is in widgets so laying out a profile is much easier without CSS. Photos, audio, video, and flash movies are options and embedding them is also easy by cut and paste (the html code). Starting a community is also just like starting a group in other social networks. In Kaneva however, they supplied a button to immediately have anybody start up a community.

So there's nothing unusual in the 2D world but the 3D promises much more. Personally I don't have enough raves or friends to be invited into the 3D world but the video is very promising. They say in the 3D world you could run around, meet people, watch movies together, create your own apartment, decorate, and instant message anybody you meet. Basically it's the entire social network in the 3D environment. It kid of reminds me of The Sims and MMORPG's.

All in all, the idea of Kaneva is groundbreaking. We're just not sure yet is the public is ready to forego MySpace or Friendster. In the meantime, I'll start raving complete strangers and hopefully get and invite to the pearly gates of 3D world!