Kegulator, get wasted!

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Beer is the choice drink of most parties all around the world. Some order it in bottles, in cases, barrels and kegs. In my experience, a lot of beer is wasted at parties because no one really knows how to estimate how much is needed to get everyone hammered.

Kegulator has the answer. A fun and free tool to use, Kegulator uses Ajax technology to provide a seamless easy-to-use interface for beer, ice and cup calculation.

For Kegulator to estimate how much of the supplies are needed to get every girl tipsy and every guy hammered, the number of guests must be provided first. The the sliders are used to adjust how many people are planned to be tipsy, buzzed, drunk, and hammered. With all that in place, Kegulator is ready to do its magic using a bunch of statistics and a little intelligence.

Kegulator calculates how much beer, ice and cups will be needed to have the desired output. The program behind Kegulator is not entirely arithmetic but also includes a bit of derivatives and extrapolation.

Generally, it's a fun tool to use and most probably a useful one especially for college frat men and fresh out of school yuppies.