, video ads

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Video-based classified ads haven't picked up yet and it seems is taking a big risk in going that road. Currently in beta, Selldeo aims to harness the ″power” of videos in the selling and buying business. The website wants to make video, which is normally reserved for high-volume sales with huge marketing budgets, available to ordinary small businesses, artists, and even to garage salesmen.

The site promotes the concept of using virtual tours to sell all sorts of stuff, from cars to real estate, from artworks to independent films. The website is banking on the idea that people will prefer to buy something that they actually see rather than forced to imagine what the products look like by reading the description or looking at still photos.

The site itself is a buying and selling community, so you can either search for things for sale or post something to sell yourself. Even though the video classified ad is the site's main product offering, Selldeo also offers individuals an option of creating and posting ads that are text and photo-based. It is good that the website opened up this option since there are still a number of sellers out there that are apprehensive on showing themselves or their products through a video classified ad presentation. While others might have no time to do so or don't have the equipment for the job.

The website is clean with a user interface design that is pretty easy to use. Navigation is simple and fast which allows users to maximize searches for products and services.

A recent Mashable roundup downplayed Selldeo, saying the site will never reach the ideal number of users. Personally though, I think Selldeo can hold up on its own but I do agree that they really need to think up ways to increase the number of their users.

If you're a seller, Selldeo charges $1.00 per day on a featured ad on any local home page. For a featured ad on the nationwide home page, the charge is $3.00 per day.