, what’s the buzz

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am is a different kind of search engine. It is a targeted search engine which focuses on searching what's the ″buzz” in various social media site such. When you perform a search in Serph, you will be provided with a search result telling you what people are saying right now about your query. Serph will then list the results with the most recent first.

For my first query, I entered the word ″burger” in the Serph search bar. There was 212 results and top search results include a video from, an business related articles from, and another feature from These three were found on by Serph on Google Blog Search. Aside from Google Blog Search, Serph uses social media sites Technorati, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, Bloglines, and Newsvine. One of the purpose of Serph is to make it easy for Web browsers to search these social media sites.

The search engine will search through them instead of doing it manually yourself. The search engine is clean and has bright interface, which by the way is pretty easy to use. And aside from your search results, Serph provides a recommendation list to other possible related queries. Plus, all your recent searches are neatly listed on the right side column of the page. Serph also has a Firefox plug-in which makes the service easier to use.

Because of its function and features, Serph can be used to search for what people are saying about a particular company, a product or a specific service. This could serve as a good basis for product development. Others use Serph as a means to track down recent news updates since the search engine basically provides RSS feeds for any search query.

My second search word was ″elections” which yielded 351 results. A ″south beach diet” query brought 60 results. Well, Serph seems to be working although I was expecting more search results. Maybe very few are talking about these topics nowadays?

Anyways, it is interesting to watch over the other features, updates or improvements Serph will implement before it goes on open beta.