URL Shrinkers, Soo and URLsaw

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Permalinks are a really great idea and they have been changing the way we share media and all other files over cyberspace. Permalinks however have a certain downside. They're long and jargonish. Actually they make zero, nada, zilch sense at all. They are simply address codes given to them by the database from which they come from.

Permalinks were never designed for human beings to understand or even remember. These URLs are for the computer's RAM and ROM and secondary storage devices only so to translate them into easuer to remember shorter forms, There are URL compressors like Soo and URLSaw.

The idea behind shortening these URLs is quite simple. Use a smaller database to store the long permalinks and generate a new permalink from the smaller database. The resulting URL is a whole lot shorter and more comprehendable.


Soo.in is probably the better one of the two tools reviewed in this article. Better in the sense that it looks great, very Web2.0 and shiny. Also, the domain name sounds different, bordering on absurd, though easy to remember. For the permalink, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhi5x7V3WXE, Soo.in shortened it to http://www.soo.in/6713/ . And the link works perfect.


URLsaw.com does exactly the same thing as Soo. Ideally. the interface is kind of vintage but according to my experience those older looking sites are sometimes more reliable than the bubbly Web2.0 designs. Anyway, URLsaw proved my hunch wrong. I used the same permalink to test, and sadly the tool is not working, at all. Though it would have been easier and made more sense to remember a URLsaw URL (www.urlsaw.com/####/) than a Soo URL.

In the meantime, I guess there's nothing wrong with using Soo.in to shorten permalinks and long URLs. Although it would be great if it was possible to choose a name for the shorter URL, for example for the one we used here, www.soo.in/300_movie_trailer.