YFly.com, focus on entertainment and celebrities

March 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

YFly.com is a social network community dedicated for the Generation Y, those who belong to the 13-27 age group. Being a social network and all, members can meet, connect, and hangout. Photos, music and videos can be shared. Members can join groups and engage in some virtual flirting with friends or other members.

Lifted from the site: ″YFly is an entertainment-based social network. Our mission is to provide Gen Y with an excellent social platform and the most entertaining experience online.”

The site has two major come-ons. First is the concept of being a ″social entertainment network.” Founders of the website focused on the entertainment value. What they did is create sections, such as photo and video sharing options, and package it all in a website with social networking as its base. To keep members entertained, they have included a variety of means to customize profiles and this include a personalized media player. One interesting and very entertaining section is the ″SmackTalk.” You upload an image or photo of a person and put on different kinds of dresses, hairdos, body, and accessories. You can even make them talk by pre-recording sound bytes and uploading them to the site.

The second major attraction of the site is the presence of real celebrities. YFly members have the chance to access certified celebrity profiles and get to read about exclusive celebrity content. To the mostly teen audience, having true celebrity information on a social network environment can be the only reason they need to sign-up. Among the list of celebrities in YFly are Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Matt Leinart. Recording group Pretty Ricky also recently signed up for a certified celebrity profile for YFly.com. The fact that loyal fans of these big wigs will continue to follow them is a winnable situation for YFly.

YFly operates using Ruby on Rails. The site was co-founded by Nick Lachey, Drew Levin and Danny Perkins and is Petters Group portfolio company. Some claim that it is the next MySpace. Personally, I think they will never catch up to MySpace but I do believe that they will do great.