, not a Digg copycat

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It looks like Digg but it's not. The news ranking site launches its public beta and introduced an innovative way to share whatever you find interesting on the web. The site looks more of a cross between Digg and Bluedot . CoRank borrows much of Digg's user interface, but, unlike Digg members are only shown news stories that have been bookmarked by users that are included in his/her friends list.

But unlike Digg, CoRank's system involves ranking news based on how interesting your friends and other pre-selected sources find them. CoRank in a way tried to eliminate the current problems of Digg wherein news ranking is easily gamed and influenced by critiques. Contents of CoRank are all user contributed. Once stories are submitted, other people will give the stories their thumbs up or thumbs down, the more positive votes the news receives, the better its chances of being placed on the Front Page.

In CoRank each user has their own "front page." And each one can be unique at least content wise since stories on the front page are based on stories previously selected by the user's own list of sources. CoRank is guided by four philosophies: sharing web pages and stories you find interesting, ranking or voting "up" the ones you like or voting "down" the ones you don't, controlling the flow of opinion by selecting only the opinions you trust, and discovering better web pages because they receive better ranking from the you've selected.

Rogelio Bernal Andreo founded CoRank. Andreo is a former manager/engineer at eBay and Netscape and is the founder of eListas and eGrupos, a very large social networking site for Spanish speakers.

CoRank has a pretty clean design and because users is capable of personalizing to some extent the contents of the pages, CoRank has created unique appeal. The news categories are also more varied than those of Digg. However, given the competition, CoRank will sure have a hard time gaining followers. It might take some time.