, something crispy and hot

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Due to the immense success of Digg, a number of start-ups have adopted the principle and used it as their own. Some merely cloned the idea while other innovated and created a totally new way of using the concept. A website that belongs to the latter one is , a social bookmarking website that allows users to share, rate and find blog on the Web. The site was created by Hungarian Gabor Imre Farkas.

To submit a new blog post, you need to go to the right channel. After filling up the post's title, the appropriate URL and an excerpt, you can submit the new blog post. The post will then go the the ″Pool” area where the blog is rated by either pressing ″Crispy” which adds points to the story or by pressing ″Soggy” which gives the story negative scores. The website also provides a Crispymeter, which is a widget that tracks the number of points earned by your blog post in

And just like Digg, as the post gets more crispy and as it becomes popular it rises to the top of the list in the Popular page. Users can create their own categories if they find the present ones lacking or the blog post that they wanted to share is out of place in the current channels. This will prevent out of place blogs posts which helps in keeping the site clean and neat. Speaking of which, personally Crispyblogposts's layout and design is a lot better the Digg. It's cleaner at the very least. Also, I love the idea that you don't have to register to submit posts. The site is fast and very easy to use. Sometimes, you really just need to be simple to make things work.

The site is still in beta, although, I think it has something good going on. One of the problem though is funding. I read in a blog that Farkas has no money to advertise the blog that's why he was emailing blogs and asking them to review the site. It appears that he could only do this much to create a presence for his site on the Web. Well, if the site do continue to grow and improve, he might get some funding soon.