March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Some people just run out of something to display and some people are just proud of how much they are really worth in cold hard currency.

NetworthIQ provides a calculator to output a persons net worth based on his assets and liabilities.  It's actually just a bunch of plus and minuses.  Though if it was that simple it would be hard to be sure if the result is accurate.

Anyway, the site gives an option to make a user's worth public or private as well as an embed code for a blog which is updated when the user updates his networth in the site.

The whole point of the site is in their tagline, Track, Share, Compare.  With NetworthIQ, users can monitor their networth and others networth.  When in public mode, they can comment and discuss with other people their financials.  All these features could also be used beyond posterity but that requires some religious determination to be effective.