SalaryScout, know your pay

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When applying for a job, haggling for the salary is probably the most difficult part on the applicant. There's just too many points to consider when negotiations on the salary begins. The first one is of course, how much? Every applicant from sending in his application already wonders how much he would be getting every payday. Then it's finally there, “how much is your expected salary?”, the question that puts everything on the balance. Ask too little and they'll think you're naïve of that you don't value your efforts too much. Ask too much and they'll think you're too cocky.

Salaryscout was designed give and share salaries. It should also work for all other countries buy as of now, their searcha dn client base is still limited to US and a a tinty tinge of asia and Europe.

What is actually does is that it collects information about your job, postion, designation, benefits. company size, experience, industry, revenue, travel, etc. With all that information, I was expecting that they would have some sort of calculator that says how much oyou should be earning but instead I received a comparison of some similar job and how much he's receiving.

Well at least I got an answer. So I tried searching their database only to no avail from different counries or even to non computer related jobs (jobs that do not usually include net access). I guess not everybody is interested in sharing their salaries or that the social aspect of the Slaryscout service is not too interesting or addicting to attract people away from the computer.