, revolutionizing sharing

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It seems that the search for the means of sharing information in this age of Web 2.0 never ends. Recently Nextumi launched a browser extension called Share2Me which they claim ″redefine sharing.” Whether you are sharing photos, videos, music, texts or URLs, Share2Me is capable of handling such sharing requests in an efficient manner.

You download Share2Me and install the browser extension. By clicking the Share2Me button on the browser bar, you are able to quickly and easily share links via email, MySpace, Mooble, AIM, and Facebook. The idea is simple, the steps quick and the usefulness of it all is nothing short of being surprising. Imagine browsing the Web when suddenly you found a link that you want to share with family and friends. It might take you a couple of minutes finding the email addresses of your friends. With Share2Me, all your contacts from all your online accounts will be aggregated. So if you are going to send that URL to your friends, Share2Me will auto-fill the email address from your contacts list. You can even send the message to friends within a social network.

Share2Me moves across all platforms, networks and devices. The reason behind the development of Share2Me was the emergence of a new demographic in the Web. According to Nextumi's CEO Mike Blackwell, people ages 15-24 do not use their emails as frequently as others might think. Blackwell even went as far as declaring that these people already considers their email as the new snail mail. And due to this fact, Nextumi tried to find ways of sharing information across platforms, hence Share2Me was born.

The great concept and easy user interface will definitely make Share2Me successful. It is still in beta so we could expect some more fine tuning and improvements made to the application.