, be a trip guru

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you're going on a trip to let's say the Carribbean, you most likely will need lots of information about the places to go to and the places to avoid. These things are usually handles by your travel agents or tour guides and are normally included in your travel packages. But, what if things suddenly go wrong and you end up not enjoying your vacation. Founders of found themselves in a similar situation a few years back and this was one of the main reasons that prompted them to create the website.

TripUp is a social travel network site which functions as a travel community of thousands of travelers from around the world. The objective is to talk to locals to find out some of the details regarding a future trip. As a social network, the site allows members to personalize user profiles and interact with other members through personal messaging. The site has a travel forums and personal blogs. Members can share videos and photos of their travels as well by creating your own Trip Flicks, Trip Blogs and Trip Albums. Members can also explore travel maps and read reviews of places, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.

TripUp was formerly known as Tripmates. The design follows heavily MySpace's most popular features such as creating profiles, sharing photos, and joining discussion groups. To make the website more travel oriented, developers added features like travel reviews.

The website offers those more familiar with a certain place the distinction of being a ″trip guru.” As trip guru, members can ask them about insider information about their destination. As certified gurus they can organize group trips and guide fellow TripUp members to all new travel experiences.

The website features a good mashup of Google maps, social networking and travelogues. Trip tags are also being used. And with a bright design and a relatively easy user interface, the site is not that hard to explore or navigate. The Los Angeles based company is still in beta.