WhereThePartyAt, San Diego’s party guide

March 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Looking for a party in San Diego CA has never been easier.  Of course there's always that bar in town that you go to every Friday night but what about the other places you never knew existed?  Well, look no more because Wherethepartyat is a directory of clubs, restos, bars and other scenes that provide a rather complete idea of what the place you could go to before even leaving the house.

Wherethepartyat is basically a directory.  The great thing about online directories is the tagging feature that lets uers filter down exactly what they are trying to find.  For example, I want to exclude everything but seafood resaurants in San Diego.  So I click on the 'seafood' tag and I am presented with a list of places tagged 'seafood'.  Wherethepartyat utilizes this system to allow users a comprehensive search and since they only cater to San Diego CA, location filtering was not included in the tags.  Their usual tags however re very useful including age range, price range, days open,time open, and indoor or outdoor venue.

Though the site at first glance seems to be the ideal directory, I've noticed some possible flaws.  there is no tag cloud for starters, only a list of recent tags which is still useful but a tag cloud would have been easier to use.  Actually after that, I've found no more.  Navigation in the site is easy and Anybody can add a place of they missed anything out.

Now, the listing is good as it is, what makes it better is this.  There's a option to choose randomly (they misspelled the button) which works like StumbleUpon.  Then each listing has an address, description, user comments, and best of all, a Google map.  There are also links to the establishment's site and a 'Fin out more' button that is actually just a link to a google search of the place.

Wherethepartyat.net proves itself as more than just a directory by including a blog and review board where the admin posts their opinions on sime places.  Personally I think it would be nice if they allowed users to submit reviews and blog entries as well.

All in all, Wherethepartyat is a powerful tool that could expand to other cities if they could fix up a social network among their members.  Well, I bet they have and are thinking about it so we'll see what they do about it.