Eventful.com, find your events here

March 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The website claims to be the number one source for the world's biggest events and happenings. Eventful.com , a California based start-up, assures users that they can easily find events that people care about. Also, the website will allow the sharing and syndication of recently discovered events with friends, family, and contacts, allows users to receive alerts about future events, and will create grassroots campaigns that can ask for someone to organize desired events.

Members of the website will experience a sort of social network which centers on discovering, promoting, creating and sharing events around the globe. The concept is good, although not original, but still the idea is marketable. The whole website is fashioned pretty much like any events site/magazine. The site does have potential. However, the developers need to spice up the design and layout a little. With the present generic look, the website doesn't have that compelling presence that will keep visitors rooted to the site. They need to be more of an e-magazine type of site. With the right play of colors, fonts, images and layout, the site can be redesigned to become more attractive.

The website also needs a unique feature that will distinguish it from the rest of events related websites. Eventful also needs to maintain an updated events calendar and keep track of events that worth attending.

The user interface is easy enough. You'll find a standard search criteria of what, when, where and category on the site's homepage. When you enter your city location, you'll find a listing of events which ranges from animals and pets to travel and tours. Tags are also used to facilitate quicker searches and navigation. The site also permits members to create groups with people that share the same interests, that are members of the same clubs or professional organizations, with close friends or basically create any group that involves people or places.

The site is free. The development of the website was led by company CEO Jordan Glazier, founder and chairman Brian Dear and CTO Chuck Norris.