GoneRaw.com, for the chosen few

March 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The first time I saw Goneraw.com, the thing that was farthest from my mind was that it being a website dedicated for vegan food recipes. And yet, Goneraw.com is actually a social recipe sharing website that aims to give people who are enthusiasts of raw, living-foods diet a place to find and share recipes from all over the world.

Focusing only on uncooked, unheated, unprocessed and purely organic foods, Goneraw appears to be making more of a statement rather than creating a social networking website. With only more than 300 members so far, the online community of raw enthusiast pales in comparison with other recipe sharing networks like GroupRecipes.com, Allrecipes.com, Recipezaar.com and Bakespace.com. We, however, can't really blame them for having such a small membership demographic since the target audience is very small in the first place. However, the advantage of having such a select group is that the members are more loyal to the website. Moreover, even though the present sector is still small there is compelling evidence that raw, vegan and organic enthusiasts will continue to grow.

The website has a great user interface. Everything is streamlined, simple and bright. Users can create their own personalized profiles which can be viewed by other users. The site also has blogging features as well as forums where users can share and discuss recipes. User contributed recipes can be rated and comments can also be added. Although, you really need to be a member to be able to add, rate, and discuss favorite recipes.

The website also sets a number of categories for user contributed recipes. The inclusion of tags in the website also made navigation a lot easier and faster.

The website has survived so far and I think it will continue to grow. The social community itself will carry the website through potentially hard times since in a small group, people tend to be more intimate, more caring and supportive.