LikeBetter, picture showdown.

March 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

How exactly do you judge art?  I've always found art to be a subjective topic and that the beauty of a piece depended on the viewer's perception.

With Web2.0 beefing up community spirit and peer review seems to be the standard of judging what is hot and not or what is true or false, photographs and even snapshots get the same treatment. Regardless if it's artistic photography or candid snapshots, there are communities saying which ones they like better.  Likebetter, as it is aptly named does exactly this task.  Two pictures, any two pictures, members decide.

What's the point? There could be none at all but still many enjoy it.  Likebetter, is a site where users can play games with pictures.  Their first game is the likebetter one where any member simply clicks which picture he likes better.  After clicking the results are instantly shown and a new set is prepped for judging.

Another game is the Do-you-know-me? game that lets users invite their friends and let them guess which pictures they think you like better. There is also the Are-you-like-me? game where the website judges how alike you and your friend are. Simple games yet they do make pretty good sense.

Moreover, Likebetter has channels where the user can choose which categories of pictures they'd like to judge.  Under the my channels there is a contests sub category where similar pictures can be judged, for example, women or men or guns.

Personally, I think Likebetter is a great tool in harnessing the power of the masses, if they could put a search engine on they could be a great vertical search for free stock photographs.