March 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Fun social sites are becommuning harder t stumble  onto these days.  True there are  flash games sites but that's not exactly what I had in mind.  I was looking for something interactive that wasn't really just a game.  Finally I stumbled on Sketch Swap.

Sketch swap is a web application that collects sketches from its users and swaps them with a fresh one.  First the user needs to draw something then swap it for another drawing from the server.  This make  me think how it possibly started (with me as the admin).  Create a Flash-based sketch pad and a single default sketch.  When the first user comes inn and does his thing, grab his sketch and swap in my default sketch.  Now I have two sketches, I can now accommodate 2 more users and when they come I'll have 4 then 8, and so on until it spreads like a wildfire.

Amazing how a single sketch and swap could scatter so fast.  Well, it could have started like that but it probably didn't.  I'd say they had about 50 talents then after the first wave they doubled the number and so on.  I guess this could be another model to social networking instead of invitations.  With swapping, at least the user gets something solid in return.

For now, I guess I'll keep on sketching and hopefully get something impressive.