Sodarace: Sodaconstruct

March 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Geek stuff like artificial intelligence has always imressed and amazed me. Probably because I never learned to make it.

Artificial intelligence can come in the dumbest form. It's an algorithm that seems to make a code of think. Sometimes the most complicated ones really mimic thinking but most of the simpler ones follow a simple mathematical function.

Sodaconstruct from Sodaplay is a Java application that allows users to create their own model or sort of creature or more appropriately robot, and make it move by controlling a few aspects of the robot's environment. The models are geometrical shapes resembling a wireframe and the design must be able for the frame to stand on its own. Basically the objective is to make a walking or rolling wireframe creature.

It's not really clear what or how the wireframe models stand but I guess with trial and error I'll see what makes the preset models go around like they have a mind of their own.

Furthermore, when users have mastered designing their models and making them walk or roll, Sodaplay has a league where humans battle it out with machines in the Sodarace. The race takes place in a 2d terrain environment meaning sometimes walkers do have an advantage of rollers. (especially when uphill). And there's also something a bout an AI code that really escapes me.

All in all, geek stuff like this amazes me. I personally suggest that anyboday interesteed must visit their site. You don't need to make your own robot if you can't, just browse and play around with the animals in the Sodazoo.