StumbleVideo, a new addiction

March 19th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When I first tried using StumbleUpon, its features and functionality blew me away. I practically spent hours clicking that little button which has the word ″Stumble!' on it. It seems that every website that the bookmarking site ″discovers” is more interesting that the previous one.

And now, the site has again picked up on site traffic volume and increased its loyal following because of the popularity of StumbleVideo these past three months. Launched in mid December last year, StumbleVideo was the website's newest innovation to start the new year. Based on the original concept, framework and technology, StumbleVideo allows users to randomly discover and rate videos. And just like the Website Sumble version, you can set categories or channels to limit search results to, let's say, Humor and Photography related videos. You then basically watch videos from YouTube and other services.

The main difference, however, with the original StumbleUpon is that StumbleVideo is fully web-based while the former uses a browser extension. The “Stumble!” button in StumbleVideo is conveniently located on the lower part of the video player. And speaking of video player, the video display is noticeably large plus the web-based app incorporates a cool Ajax interface wherein after about 10 seconds of watching a video or not moving or selecting anything, everything dims out except for the video display. The interface of StumbleVideo is so simple, yet everything looks so great.

I have to say, StumbleVideo is far more addicting than the first product they've launched. I had to make a conscious effort to pry my self away from the website just to have things done. The great thing about the website is that it has a knack to show you what you like to watch. It showcases only the best videos on YouTube or in any video services since it browses the lists of recommended videos by users themselves. .

StumbleVideo retains the social networking aspect as well of the classic SumbleUpon. There's a search bar where you can manually search for videos. You can also look at the list of members who liked a video and share videos to friends, colleagues, family and the like. There's also a history section where you can view your previous ″discoveries” so its pretty easy to go back and watch a video again.