Unthirsty, happy hour anytime.

March 19th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Finding a place to unwind after a day's work shouldn't be difficult, there's no point if it is. Google Maps are very useful nowadays to lacate anything in the world, from tourist spots, landmarks, pyramids, and of course why not the usual places we go to like malls, houses, buildings, and of course, pubs.

Unthirsty uses Google Maps to locate bars and pubs in cities across the United States. Since that feature is actually already available on Google itself, Unthirsty added value to their service by allowing users to search for Happy Hours.

Locations of bars and pubs are user generated. Users can submit the establishments and the happy hour times along with features like Wifi internet, outdoor seating, food and drink specials. Searchers can then use these as filters when doing their search.

Aside from the map search there's also the classic search bar. Every listing has a map (just a jpeg) as well as a profile where members can leave comments. Along with the profile comes the schedule of Happy hours and other details.

Personally I like the idea that many mash-ups are utilizing Google Maps for niche searches like this. I guess we'll be seeing more and more directories using the maps to locate addresses as well as international locations. But first, Google has to take new pictures if they plan to go international.