, green living

March 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It seems that the concept of social responsibility and healthy living is making its presence in Web 2.0. is a social shopping website that is a little different from the conventional shopping networks. The website only sells products or services that are green or sustainable. It is a social shopping site that “find, review and share eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services.”

The concept came from website founder and company CEO Chris Sukornyk. The objective of FiveLimes is to create an online community where members can provide a continuing resource of information where to find the ″right” products and services. And like any Web 2.0 social networking site, members can pretty much search, discus, compare and shop for green, health-conscious and ethical products and services.

FiveLimes has 20 main categories of products and services. From apparel to food, from jewelry to real estate services, the site has provided sub-categories to each of the major ones. Under the Transportation category, for example, you'll find such topics as Electric, Car, Biodiesel, Vehicle and Hybrid. When you open a particular product page, you have the option to add comments, rate, add a review, save to favorites, share, edit or flag the product as offensive.

The website is, well, green. Functionality is simple, navigation is quick and color combination is great. The site already has a satisfactory lists of ″green” products and services. However, the discussion board lacks considerable activity. There are only two pages of conversations in total. Does this mean people who share enthusiasm for ″green living” don't like to chat? Or is there not too much to talk about? I can't help but think that the social aspect of the site is being ignored by users or there are very few member users of the site. General traffic according to Alexa is also down. This is probably why FiveLimes is running monthly contests, awarding members that can add the most products and services to the site. This could be their attempts to keep their loyal followers and increase site traffic.

The good thing is that society has now become more conscious about healthy and sustainable living. The potential market is there and slowly increasing and accessing it is the key.