Imgppl, “digg” your photos.

March 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Digg lets us rate anything on the web, mostly articles, videos, pictures, and everything else the web has to offer. They succeeded in this but their niche (which technically isn't one, the whole web) is too big and people can just lose focus or end up seeing stuff they aren't interested in anyway. Let's just say Digg is great at what it does but it's not the best in everything they encompass.

Imgppl is like Digg but it was conceptualized, designed and executed for the sole purpose of sharing and rating photos. Unlike social bookmarking and social networking sites, Imgppl doesn't require any signing up (for now) to use all the features of the site.

So here's what Imgppl allows you to do. Share pictures. With imgppl, users can share any image from anywhere on the internet. All you have to do is provide the URL of the photo, make a title, a description, a category, your name (whatever name) and you're all set. Your image will be available for viewing and rating in the gallery which is categorized into popular, latest, random, top 100, and worst 100. Don't worry, the top and the worst are only for rated pictures.

Rating pictures happens both ways, up and down. The more the ups then the image is featured in both popular and top100. The more the downs, then it's off to the worst 100.

Comments on all pictures is allowed. The form simply asks for a name, the comment and a verification that you are human.

Imgppl however has a disadvantage with its current set up. Aside from the top tabs, there are no other search filters so users will really have to scan through the gallery to find a specific piture. Well I guess it's also a fair way to be fair since all fellows could tank any picture found on the site.

All in all, Imgppl is a simple site that does the simple task of sharing and ranking photos on the web. It's also very fast since there is minimum images and media on the site (everything is softlinked).