March 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Parking could be the worst problem in downtown whereever. Many people cannot enjoy their shiny cars and leather seats because bringing them to work is like parking at a park 'n' ride station. Sometimes it's a lot easier to commute, at least parking wouldn't be a problem.

London has its own ad listing of available parking spaces which they call ParkAtMyHouse. MyCalgaryParking is basically the exact same thing except for the location and the presentation.

If you're not familiar with ParkAtMyHouse, you'll know what it is after this bit. MyCalgaryParking first and foremost is an advertising site for parking spots in downtown Calgary. It's where people who own parking slots in apartments, condos or whereever, post an ad saying that they are renting out their space. On the viewing side, lookers can search the listings for a parking space they can rent out and find that spot on a GoogleMap integrated on the page.

The site itself is just a facility, they do not charge for posting or collect on successful transactions. It's completely free. Lessors name their terms and discuss it with potential lessees through offsite channels (email, mobile, etc.). It's like a craigslist just for parking with a map. Unlike craigslist though, parking spaces can be rated just like rating sellers on eBay, so there's a social reputation scale that could help in the credibility of the posting.

MyCalgaryParking though is only available in Calgary but expansion to other cities detailed by Google Maps is not impossible. I'm not really sure which came first ParkAtMyHouse in London or MyCalgaryParking, but seeing that sites like these are gaining popularity, I'm guessing, parking spaces in many other downtowns will soon be available online.