, a promising polling site

March 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am is basically a social voting website. It is a place where they can create and vote on online polls. You need to sign-up first though and signing up may be quite a hassle. I really don't like the way the site asks for a lot of information when you sign up. I personally prefer a quick and painless process where all you need to provide are email addresses and password, maybe a few more information like birth date and location but nothing more.

It is noticeable that the website incorporated relatively more social networking elements than similar social polling sites. Members can customize profiles and view individual voting and poll statistics. They can easily add contacts or what the website calls other ″Sodaheads” which will allow you to quickly send messages and forward items to them. Polls can be shared with friends as well. Moreover, the website claims to be providing only the best questions for their online polls. Quality questions elicit the better opinions from users, making the exchange of information more meaningful. It does seem the website's polls have more social relevance. For instance, there's a poll running about having illegal aliens pay federal income taxes to the I.R.S. Other topics are lighter such as ″What is the proper etiquette for refusing a date?”

SodaHead claims of having over 200 poll categories on their site making them one of the most diverse polling website around. The company and website was founded by now Company CEO Jason Feffer, one of the original members of the MySpace team.

SodaHead has been compared to In terms of contents, SodaHead is already strong but the design could do some rethinking. Even though the site's user interface is already satisfactory, Vizu's more streamlined and neater look is better. I even prefer the design of another newcomer, Although this site is definitely not as social as SodaHead.

As of this writing, the site is undergoing maintenance. It would be interesting to observe the site's developments, especially with Jason Feffer around.