Ventbox, just let it all out.

March 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Everybody's got to let it out sometime. Ventbox is Web2.0's answer to one human nature that has caused a lot of broken stuff and a lot of violent events in the history of mankind.

I've heard of places where people can rant and vent out their anger and frustrations, this includes the radio shows, chat rooms, TV shows, party lines, and blogs. Anger and frustration also causes a lot of broken stuff that costs people money that could have been spent wisely instead which prompted the business of squeeze balls and a glove that measures your anger level (saw it on TV once).

Since Web2.0 is very open to any idea that could possibly be of use to people, Ventbox capitalized on the ranting industry and made it into a social activity that fits in perfectly with today's blogosphere. Of course, everybody can rant in their own blog but sometimes that just does not grab the attention of readers. Ventbox makes ranting more interesting.

Ventbox like any other social network has users sign up to use their service and be part of their community of ranters. Each member can then say whatever he wants about anything. these rantings then become items in the gallery where other musers and members can view and comment on them. Rants are also tagged and the tag cloud shows what people are ranting about. Also the tag cloud can serve as a trigger for one's urge to rant.

Furthermore, the rants on Ventbox are treated like items in a collection, like car profiles in Boompa or houses in HouseAndTell or dogs in Doggysnaps. Each rant is presented in a kind of widget like the trivia on Blufr, that can be embedded in any BB or HTML code (virtually any blog or site).

In conclusion, Ventbox is yet another social network that embodies the Web2.0 spirit with it's design, functionality and ideal that anyone can say anything. Although I'm not really sure how much ranting I could do, at least Ventbox will be a place where I can simple let it all out.