Free Online Storage: just a few of them, for now

March 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

I found three nifty and free online data storage sites. They come in handy especially for those who have multiple workstations or those who wwant to access their files anywhere they want to. Great thing about these web based storage sites is that they're a whole lot like an FTP (file transfer protocol) but no need for an FTP client. That means no installations of any kind and any browser can run the application.


Omnidrive is a offers four plans for its subscribers. A free account gets you to store 1GB , Pro1 for $40 gets 10GB, Pro2 gets 50GB for $99 and Pro3 allots 100GB for $249. Those prices are paid annually. Also the alloted bandwidth per account every month is the same as the storage capacity of the account so if you're using Pro3, you get 100GB bandwidth every month.


The interface of Omnidrive is the best of the three. It uses Ajax, it's clean and resembles Windows explorer a lot. The left panel has the list of folders and the right show the files. Even the right click works like Windows explorer. Files and folders can be dragged and dropped, copied and deleted just as we're all used to and there's also a recycle bin for the files you're not so sure about deleting forever.

There is also an Application Programming Interface (API) available on Omnidrive that enables users to upload directly from their desktops.

Of the three I am reviewing in this article, I like Omnidrive the most.


The least of my favorites is Orbitfiles. Though it serves the same for free, 1GB, it's probably the interface that really turns me off. Anyways, Orbitfiles also has paid accounts and actually cheaper for the 50GB that only requires $20 a year. Their 20GB plan costs $10 a year.


As I said the interface isn't as good as Omnidrive, but there is a certain feature that gives it an edge. Orbitfiles allows the user an option to make his file public. This means that its a web host accessible by anyone just like any other website.


If Omnidrive has its API, Orbitfiles has its Hercules. The Hercules uploader is a free downloadable application available across all plans of Omnidrive. It allows users scheduled back ups directly from the desktop to Orbitfiles.



Dropboks looks like a Dropsend spin off that's actually completely Of all the UI's in this review, Dropboks has the simplest. Simplest, though does not mean the most efficient. Unlike the earlier two sites, Dropboks is completely free and only allows 1GB file storage. It also has an Ajax interface, but users are not allowed to organize files into folders. Ajax however allows files to be dragged and dropped into the trash bin for deletion.

The reason why Dropboks is not my least favorite given that its features are for more limited than Omnidrive or Orbitfiles, is that Dropboks is completely ad-free. They do however have an announcement at the bottom asking for a donation from your PayPal account. I guess i find that less distracting than sponsored