MegaBuzz, what d’ya think o’ it?

March 21st, 2007 at 12:00 am

Social Polling is a really cool service that allows users to rate, rank and discuss anything. Why not? Everybody has got an opinion about anything and if they don't MegaBuzz always provides a “none of the above” choice. MegaBuzz is another social polling site like Sodahead but with a twist and some cash at stake.

Polling sites are just usually topic and rating. The added value of MegaBuzz however is their integration of a game framework to their polls. Points are earned for various actions in the game and some are not even left to chance. Points can be earned by simply participating in the polls of other people. The other ways of earning points however are dependent on other players on the site. The BuzzPick game lets the user predict an outcome of an event. A point is given to anyone who participates then winners earn points, losers lose points. Any user can also start a poll (BuzzPoll) and BuzzPick and the incentive here is that for every participant that joins in the author's Buzz, he earns a point. The bigger incentive when authoring is the $20 gift check from Amazon he is awarded when 500 players participate in the his Buzz. Furthermore, there is a Daily challenge (BuzzPick), if the user guesses correctly the outcome, he's joined in the raffle that draws a winner for a $100 gift check from Amazon. Lastly, all the points a user earns can entitle him to join in the Weekly Payout where a user will be chosen by raffle to exchange his points for cash at a dollar per point.

Anyway, the main service of MegaBuzz is still its polling service. Polls are categorized by topics and searchable by text. Users have their individual profile making MegaBuzz a highly social service where opinions, thoughts and ratings are shared.