Agester, guess and meet

March 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Recently reviewed by as a site that should be avoided, Agester is a social network slash community with a guessing-game framework.

I will have to disagree with the Profy review. The site is actually like many sites that add a little spice to the popular social networks that usually let its members discuss and meet on the basis of their likes in something common like say, cars, music, friends, wine, shopping. So is it so lame to meet people on the basis of their age? I don't think so. Besides, most social networks display its members ages anyway.

Agester works like Likebetter but instead of comparing two pictures, all the user has to do is guess the age of the person in the photo displayed. Upon guessing the correct age is given and another photo appears into play. What's the catch? Nothing. It's simply a guessing game. Well you do get a ribbon for a correct answer but it's not worth anything.

Users can also filter the people whose ages they want to guess. The can choose men only, women only, or both and specify the age range. This is useful if anybody would really want to use the service and meet up with another member.

Any user can meet anybody he chooses. By clicking the “meet me” button on top of every photo, a message will be sent to that person notifying him or her that another user is interested in meeting up. Beyond that is no longer the concern of Agester.

Personally I had fun using the site though I'm not so sure that I'll be sticking to it as much as MySpace or Friendster since meeting strangers on the internet isn't really my style. Nevertheless it's a nice twist to the routine of social networks and communities.