Justanger.com, for better communication

March 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

The other day we had an article about venting out anything you want on the Web through Ventbox.com. I discovered another similar website, Justanger.com . It seems that people online have a lot to vent about to have these kinds of websites around. I'm sure some other group of people out there are thinking of launching their own ranting websites.

Justanger.com was created by a small web team whose intentions, according to the website, were to help people communicate better online. The idea of creating the site came out from during the group's daily discussions. The website is in beta and is still rather empty and raw compared to Ventbox. The total rant topics or articles only goes up to four pages.

The UI is not bad. Personally, I prefer the design and layout of Justanger than Ventbox. In Ventbox, the rants or texts looks like they are ″screaming” at you from the computer monitor. Although, this sounds just right ranting website, I prefer the sort of subtle appearance of rants/posts in Justanger. This is just a personal choice, however. On the homepage of Justanger, you'll see a box where you can type an article telling the online community your thoughts or what you are feeling at the moment. You get to assign article titles, tags and even attach images to your articles when you posts them on the community board. Attaching images to posts is an innovation that is not found in Ventbox and which i consider very interesting and fun to use. As a social network, you can view member profiles and the angry articles they've written so far. However, despite some innovations, Ventbox is still way ahead of Justanger in terms of website functionality and tools.

Member users can agree or disagree with your rant by voting either ″yes” or ″no”. They can also post comments and opinions, which can warrant more discussions about the subject. This pretty much covers the social aspect of the site.

The question remains though, will independent ranting websites succeed? Well anything is possible in Web 2.0.