Oondi, writer’s haven?

March 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Oondi is a very interesting web service. It is a must see for writer and bloggers. If the website's claims are true then writers and bloggers are the ones who will best benefit from the site.

The website is a place where writers can publish their original works. Writers will receive full credit for their articles. They don't need to create a website of their own to have their works read by the public. Oondi provides the venue where people can read various information for free. But this is still not the best part. The great thing about posting articles in Oondi is that writers who have had their articles published will receive 100% of the advertisement profits from their work. And because the website will worry about the web designing, programming, troubleshooting, etc of the website, writers will only need to concentrate on writing a good article. Now, this is the ″too good to be true” part that I've hinted earlier. Critics are wondering it the site will be able to pay the writers what they have promised considering that site income is generated through contextual advertising. The website is free, by the way.

Oondi is still in beta but the design seems already maximized for sharing articles. The bright and light colored web pages evokes a good reading environment. And just like any Web 2.0 website, social networking elements have been integrated. Articles can be printed and shared via email. Comments can be posted, tagging is used, and readers can rate articles using a five star rating scheme. Profiles of writers/members can be viewed as well.

Aside from the simple UI, other notable features include individual RSS feeds for each user generated article and the use of multiple channels for varied contents.

So far there are very few articles posted. The site has been up in beta since December 2006. Is the future of the website bleak already? It is still too early to tell.