Yoono, no more need for tags

March 22nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Yoono is a web application that is installed to your Firefox or IE browsers. It can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux platform. Yoono has been described as an “instant people-rated web app”. It means, the web app through a toolbar will automatically suggest other websites that are similar or related to the current site you are browsing.

The web app combines tagging and bookmarking services into one. Instead of tagging and tag clouds, Yoono has its automatic loading toolbar which showcases websites that other people have discovered. What the web app does is to gather all the information from the bookmarks that Yoono users have decided to share and include in their Yoono profile. Aside from the toolbar, Yoono has a sidebar that contains Blog and article suggestions, list of suggested Yoono users together with their shared bookmarks, and suggested links to the website you are currently surfing. It is notable to say that Yoono doesn’t maintain your surfing history. To those who are paranoid that the site will monitor your browsing history, Yoono claims otherwise.

Yoono's website acts as a social network as well. You can view member profiles and communicate with them by sending them direct messages. Also, you can view on the website the users' own set of bookmarks and the information on the folders they have shared so far.

If you want to have some fun, press the ″Surprise me” button on the Yoono toolbar. Yoono will then display a random webpage that is related to any of the website that is in your list of favorites. The function sort of reminds me of Stumbleupon.com. Actually, the whole functionality of the web app reminds me of Stumbleupon.

Even though the web app is quite useful, there are times that the websites listed on the Yoono toolbar are sites that are too remotely related to the one I am browsing. But, all-in-all the site is a good one to try.