Dianovo.com thinks green

March 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Let's hear it again for healthy living and for the planet. Dianovo.com is another online social network dedicated on helping people and mother Earth. There's a lot of things going on with this website. What Dianovo does is gather news, blog information, events, green living tips, photos, and organizations involve in the philosophy. With the potential information the site could have, it is highly possible that it becomes a great resource for organizations and group directories. At present though the list is not that impressive. What's great, however, is how the site utilizes tag clouds.

The website relies heavily on tags for navigation. Separate tags are provided for each category. The blog's tags are different from the news tags, the photo tags are different from those found under events and so on.

You can easily see elements of Web 2.0 designs and functionality, blogging and tagging are one of them, You could also enjoy functions like podcasting, personalizing your homepage, and RSS feeds. Member profiles can be viewed as well with options of sending personal messages to members. And with the recent addition to the website's functionality, ability to add video attachments to posts, the online community seems to be complete.

As a social networking site, browsers are asked to sign up to view and use all the features of the website. Be sure to have some spare time, signing up in Dianovo means you have to fill up a number of online forms. This is to help make your online profile more interesting and allowing for better personal information sharing which assists in establishing connections with other users. Personally, however, I prefer to keep my profile short and I find all those forms and information going overboard. But, it's just me.

Generally, in terms of functionality, the website offers a lot for a select group of target audience. But despite this fact, the overall green living community online is steadily growing by the minute. As more people realize the needs for information about green living, Dianovo will continue to have an active lists of users.