Happytxt to show your moods

March 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

In the tradition of venting and ranting websites such as Justanger and Ventbox, I found another one that basically offers the same web service but this time the approach is much lighter and covers various moods other than anger and frustration. In Happytxt, you'll find moods like boredom, confusion, depression, jovial, moody, sarcastic, suicidal, sexy, very happy, stress, and heartbroken.

Basically, Happytxt is an online community where its aim is to change the existing mood of users by simply posting how they feel. If you're feeling angry or bored, by expressing yourself into writing and posting it in the Happytxt, together with the rest of the active users, the website will make sure that users leaving the site will be in a jolly or happier mood than when they first logged in.

As part of the site's social or sharing aspect, every mood can be rated or ranked by using the "Give a slap!"or "Give a hug!" buttons. You first need to register and sign in before you get to write and post your mood. When comes to user interface, Happytxt has a very simple and easy to use one. However, it's too plain. Since the site is still in beta, the developer might want to add more to the site's design. Ventbox uses widgets while Justanger has a far superior web design than Happytxt.

According to a recent blog entry, the developer of Happtxt is planning to combine their web based services with a mobile company and network. This means, users can post directly using their mobile phones. With this functionality installed, the web application might just have the formula to get more visitors and users.